Bank of England Dashboard: A century of political finance

This dashboard is an interactive visualisation of financial and political data from 1901 to 2013, to explore relationships between finance, productivity, trade and historical events

Charts can be filtered by political party and/or by a time period. All other charts and displays will update based on selections except for the final chart that is a summary across the century. To filter, click/touch the political party. To select years, touch/click on a bar and then swipe/drag to the left or right. Drag handles will appear to refine the range. Use the Reset button to clear all filters. Click Here for instructions.

Filter by Political Party
Years in Government
Years as Prime Minister
Touch/click a bar to filter charts by party
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Touch/drag cursor left or right across the bars to filter charts by years. Use the handles that will appear to refine the range
Interactive Charts
GDP Growth
Government Finances
Base Interest Rates and Bond Yields
House Price Growth
Imports and Exports
Averages across selected range (%)
GDP Growth
House Price Change
Nat. Savings as % of GDP
Unemployment Rate
Political Party Comparison: Performance whilst in government from 1901 - 2013
For every pound of GDP, how much tax was raised and how much money was spent


Financial and economic data provided by the Bank of England, available for download at

Election results, political party information and topical events sourced from Wikipedia

Visuals created using D3.js, Crossfilter.js and DC.js libraries, available on GitHub